It may seem like it’s a ways off, but winter will be here before we know it. With the change of the seasons comes cooler weather. As a homeowner, you should do your part to ensure you’re ready for the upcoming winter season by prepping your home. To get started, here are some of the most common things you should be doing around your home to get it ready for winter.

Check Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is going to be working harder during the cooler months, which means that you want to be sure that you’re prepared for those cooler nights by having a working HVAC system. If you think yours needs a tune up or repair, you can find hvac repair yorktown va to get the job done so you can enjoy those cool nights from your warm home.

Seal it Up

If you live in an older home, you may be more susceptible to drafts due to cracks or gaps around your home. Before cooler weather settles in, take a walk around your home to look for any cracks or gaps around your windows and doors and caulk up anything you may notice. A little caulk can go a long way in ensuring your home stays draft free this winter. 

Get in the Gutters

Your gutters can take a beating, but they aren’t indestructible. If you’ve never cleaned out your gutters, you may end up with drainage issues during the winter months which can cause water and ice to build up around your foundation rather than run off away from your home. This can do damage to your foundation which is expensive to fix. Clean out your gutters before winter so water can flow freely away from your home.

These are a few ways to help prepare your home for winter and ensure it’s ready for the long, cool months. The more prepared you are for the winter, the more comfortable you and your family will be.