How to Foster a Good Relationship Between the Cat and Dog in Your Home

If you stay with both dogs and cats in your home; you will concur with me that they might sometimes not be ideal friends. Fortunately, giving up either the kitty or dog is not the only solution to your problems at home. As there are many ways that you can use to improve the relationship between your dog and cat at home. Here are some of the tips that will help you improve the relationship between the two.

Carry out Dog Training

Cats and dogs are all trainable. Though, it is less demanding to train a puppy than to train a kitten. Relationship challenges between dogs and cat are due to dogs not maintaining the best of their behavior. In instances where this occurs frequently, then you should put in effort on training your dog to sit and stay in command. Where you feel that it is cumbersome to train your dog, then you need to hire a dog trainer.

A Cat Should Have Its Territory

Cats do love to have their own private space. It is because of this that there are plenty of YouTube videos showing cats creeping into enclosed spaces. Thus you ought to make sure that your cat has its own sequestered space which is not easily accessible by your dog. This secluded place can either be in your closet or living room and should have many cat toys like scratch towers and balls of strings.


Your cat and dog need to familiarize themselves with the habits and smell of each other. One sure way of achieving this simple task is by ensuring that both the cat and dog have to smell the toys and sleeping pad of each other.

Keep Away the Litter Box

A majority of cats love being away from privy eyes when carrying out their business. It is for this particular reason that you need to keep the litter box far away from the dog.

Have Separate Meal Times

Take into account the feeding habits of your cat, if it likes feeding on the outdoors or on top of the table then honor those wishes. Further to this, make sure that they use separate water bowls with the dog. By doing this, you will be ensuring that your cat does not munch on your dogs nibbles and vice versa.

Let Your Dog Run

It is paramount for you to ensure that your dog is getting all the exercise that they need to stay healthy and happy. This will significantly reduce the chances of fights between the pets later on.

Oddity Matters

Breeds may impact the relationship between the dog and cat in your house. For instance, it is hard for a teacup Yorkie to connect better with your cat than a labradoodle will do. You may learn more with regards to animal personality here.

Thus you can form a healthy cat and dog bond in your home. Only if you consider each animal’s personality. Here you will get more information about general cat behavior.