The refrigerator is a modern invention that enables us to have fresh food daily without having to go to the farmer’s market or store. Without refrigeration, the ability for restaurants to serve quality food would be greatly diminished. There is more than one type of fridge used in businesses.

Open-Air Coolers

Give customers immediate access to refrigerated goods with an open-air cooler. Choose a horizontal or vertical model to display grab-and-go merchandise. The ease of quickly grabbing products can increase sales of those items. The compressors can be remote or self-contained for the unit. For issues, contact a company specializing in commercial refrigeration Minneapolis MN.

Prep Tables

These refrigerated prep tables are great for doing samples at the local grocery store or for delicatessens. Drawers and doors are available to easily access items with additional storage on the unit top if needed. These are great for prepping pizza, salads and sandwiches.

Walk-In Coolers

Easily access your bulk refrigerated items in a walk-in cooler. Everything is at your fingertips in these large room-sized units. These are great for storing large items that need limited access. These units are available for indoor or outdoor use.

Bar Coolers

Enjoy cold canned or bottled beverages in a bar cooler. Bottle coolers are great when customers don’t need to see inside the unit. These coolers come with a built-in cap catcher and bottle opener and can hold storage based on case size. Back bar coolers have a glass front to display merchandise. These units display bottles and cans behind the bar to entice customers to purchase.

Undercounter Refrigerators

Make the most of your under-counter space with a small fridge. These are great in hotel rooms and medical offices when only a small unit is needed. Swing doors and drawers are common in these units. These units are also ADA-compliant.

Reach-In Refrigerators

This popular option stores a variety of perishable items with a bottom- or top-mounted compressor. They can store a large amount of product with one to three sections. The use of the refrigerators depends on the business’ needs above anything else.