How To Treat A Fever Over 102 Degrees

It is a very important thing to know how to treat fever especially fever that is above 102 degrees this is because fever is a generalized response by your own body to inflammation which can even affect your health to ensure that you know all ways in which you can treat it.

You can use lukewarm bath when you have the fever to avoid shivering because of using cold water that can increase the body’s temperature further making the matter worse that is why lukewarm bath is preferred over cold bath during fever condition. You can use over the counter medication such as acetaminophen as it is also good fever as the medications to give the ability of taking the fever away instantly but before using the medication be sure of how it is used first to avoid health complications.

You can also seek medical professional help in order to treat your fever especially if it has gotten out of hand that you cannot year it since those medical professionals are very good at treating fevers as they know the medicines that they will give you to reduce your fever and also what to do in order to treat the fever so of you to you any medical professional then you will be sure that your fever will be treated and you will be well once more . There are those antibiotics that When taken do help in treating fever so if you feel like you are okay with the antibiotics then you can go to a chemist and purchase the antibiotics then ensure that you use them exactly as directed by the pharmacist and at the end of the day after taking them you will be sure if the fever goes away and you will feel better once more.

Removing excess clothing that you might be putting on when you have a fever can really help you to treat your fever because those excess clothing do tend to increase the body’s temperature further that ends up worsening the situation then you can just put on light clothes that will not make you swear and at the end of the day you will see that the fever has reduced and even sometimes it has stopped. Ensure that you remove any excess blankets that you use to cover your body if you have fever this is because those heavy blankets do cause that temperature of the body to rise further which makes you have even high fever than expected so instead of the heavy blankets you can also use the ones that are light or even just bedsheets.

You can also go to an emergency clinic if your fever is very high to be tested on your own especially if your primary doctor is not available.