Are you thinking about getting luxury vinyl flooring for your home? Luxury vinyl has seen a surge in popularity recently. In 2016, Residential luxury vinyl grew 68% and increased from 760 million square feet to 1.04 billion. Despite the new presence in the industry and homes around the country, there is still a lot of misconception about this flooring option. Let’s explore these and dispel some of the myths currently floating around online.

It’s Expensive

You might assume that because ‘luxury’ is in the name luxury vinyl is expensive. This isn’t the case and luxury vinyl instead provides a budget-friendly choice when decorating your home. If you have an area of 200 feet, you can expect to pay roughly £530 for this flooring option. That doesn’t include costs for labour however you’ll be pleased to hear there’s no need to take that into consideration. You can lay this flooring down yourself by hand quite easily.

It Looks Cheap

People who know that luxury flooring isn’t an expensive option on the market often assume that it’s going to look cheap. Again, this just isn’t the case. First, the manufacturing process of luxury vinyl flooring ensures that it has a quality texture and gradient which is a guarantee on every piece you lay down. Second, luxury vinyl is available in a wide range of aesthetics. If you want a luxury design, you can choose one that looks like stone or even a dark hardwood.

It’s Comfortable

You could be concerned that luxury vinyl is like ceramic tile. By this, we mean that it is freezing to walk on through the winter months. With ceramic tile, you might even need underfloor heating to make it even remotely manageable. Well, there’s no issue like that with luxury vinyl. Instead, you’ll be pleased to find that it stays warm, even when the temperature drops outside and remains comfortable to walk on.

It’s Not Waterproof

On the contrary, this is classed as waterproof flooring and what that means is that it can be used effectively in areas of your home with high levels of moisture. This includes the bathroom, kitchen, or utility room. So, if you are looking for new bathroom flooring, this could be a great choice.

It Quickly Shows Wear And Tear

You might think that this flooring will quickly show signs of wear and tear. We have good news there too. This flooring is designed with a protective layer to ensure that you don’t have to worry about it showing marks for years.

It Is Difficult To Lay Down

Luxury vinyl is also click vinyl flooring. That means that the pieces click together, similar to a piece of a puzzle. It doesn’t take much force or effort to do this and as such can be considered one of the best do it yourself flooring options.

This Is Just Another Term For Laminate

Finally, luxury vinyl waterproof flooring is not just another way of saying laminate. While visually, they can look quite similar, the construction process is completely different. This is why one is waterproof and the other is not. Now that we’ve cleared up the misconceptions, we bet you are keener than ever to introduce this flooring in your home. Get in touch now and we’ll help you bring this fantastic flooring solution to your property.