Wrought iron fencing and ornate Victorian roof brackets highlight this elegant front entrance to this home. This house is located in historic Lancaster Ohio.

Fences have declared property lines and established boundaries for hundreds of years. As a homeowner, you probably yearn for a fence to keep your kids within the area, limit the travel ability of your pets, or just to have some privacy from all the prying eyes around. Before you run out and purchase a fence, there are a few things you should know.

1. Type Depends on Reason

The type of fence your yard needs depends on the reason you want the fencing material installed in the first place. A security fence can look much different than a privacy fence, which can look much different than a pet fence. The type of fence can also help dictate the material you need for your fence. Privacy and security fences are often out of vinyl or wood, while pet fences can be made of chain link.

2. Material Depends on Area

There are many types of materials that fences can be constructed out of, but the most versatile for your area is the one you should consider purchasing. Cold weather and harsh winds can rip paint from wooden fences, and wrought iron can rust as it sits in high drifts of snow for several weeks at a time. Contact fence companies Columbus Ohio for a list of fences that are best suited for your area and require the least amount of maintenance.

3. Size Depends on Codes

No one likes being told what they can do within the confines of their own yard, but a neighborhood or homeowners association can tell you what color the fence can be, how tall it can stand, and how far from the road it must be. The same is true of the building codes in your area. Before you order a fence, make sure you know all the laws and rules pertaining to it.

A fence can look amazing surrounding a yard. Make sure yours fits your area weather, and it can last for many years to come.