Spring and summer are the most opportune seasons for gardening, and with good reason. Rain and sunshine work together to help plants thrive, and spending time outdoors with your flowers is a welcome experience for anyone with a green thumb. As you prepare for the months ahead, be aware of the potential damage that these three garden pests can cause.


Most people think that ticks are only a nuisance for fishermen and campers, but they can take up residence in your backyard as well. These pests might your garden as the perfect place to hide while searching for suitable prey, such as pets or people. Engaging in safe tick control can help you protect your animals and loved ones from these pesky insects.


Whiteflies can be difficult to detect because they tend to hang out on the bottoms of leaves. Unlike garden pests that simply love to feast on plants, these guys are especially dangerous because of the toxin they emit. While feeding, they release a poison that infects the leaves. This disease can spread to other plants, creating a problem that can quickly escalate.


The green color of aphids makes it easy for them to blend into plant life, and their numbers can be overwhelming. Like ants, they tend to congregate in colonies, and their ability to multiply in short order can turn a small nuisance into an unmanageable problem. Catching and containing the issue early on can stop your entire garden from becoming infected.

Most people identify garden pests by the visible damage they cause, such as tears and bite marks in the leaves. However, you have to be super vigilant to catch the most dangerous of insects. When you see any living creature trolling around your flowers, do yourself a favor and look into it. The sooner you identify an infestation, the more likely you are to save your garden.