Top Workout Apps for Women over 50

Fitness apps help provide motivation for people to work out wherever they are without the necessity to spend time and money traveling to the gym to exercise. Find some of the best workout apps available for women over 50 in this article among the various alternatives out there.

Among the top workout apps available for you is My Fitness Pal. This app helps people to lose weight and maintain these for a long time. The app allows you to count the number of calories you consume through a food diary that it helps you keep, and you also need to exercise several times a week. The food database with more than 5 million items and a barcode scanner makes it easy for you to keep the food diary wherever you are.

Another available fitness app that can help you to maintain fitness is Map My Walk. The app helps you to stay in shape by looking at the roots which you use when walking, which is aided by the GPS on your smartphone. The app lets you know how much you have walked and the number of calories you use in the process.

Fitbit workout app is another alternative that you can consider. The app helps you by having you keep track of your weight, diet, and exercise habits. It is also possible for you to look at your sleeping habits through this app. The app is helpful in that it can be synced with data from other computers to help you have a complete picture of how fit you are, and you can also get a chance to compete with other friends with the account.

Yoga Poses app will help you to have various yoga poses for exercise. You will have video demonstrations of the different yoga poses, and you will also find information about how each pose will be beneficial to you.

The Endomondo app is another alternative available for you. Through the app, you can monitor your fitness statistics by observing your learning routes, durations, distances, and calorie intake. It is possible to have an analysis of your performance through the app with recommendations on what you can do to improve. The app also provides that you can connect with others through instant messaging.

The 7 Minute Workout is another app that you can use to help keep fit with comfortable to follow workouts. The app allows you to access different bodyweight exercises, with the combination of cardio and strength training without necessarily using any equipment.