Safety Precaution Measures to be Observed in a Machine Shop

A machine shop is where all the machine work is done. All machine components made of raw material like wood, metal, plastic, etc. are made here. It also houses tools and equipment that executes different roles. Due to the nature of work in a machine shop, safety is an important issue that should be looked at. All measures should be employed to ensure that no accidents occur and that the safety of the people working in the machine shop is maintained. Failure to ensure the safety precautions are in place causes people to suffer from injuries like burns, electric shocks, cuts, and many other forms of injuries. Read more here to learn more details on safety precaution in any machine shop.

Before shifting to what to be done and what to be avoided in a machine shop, let start with a first aid kit. Even if all safety measures are in place, accidents can occur. Various accidents are unavoidable. For a fast first aid attention when an accident occurs in a machine shop, there should be an equipped first aid kit. This helps the people around, even the non-medics take care of the injured person before calling for help. A first aid kit should include sterilized tools like blade, pain relievers, bandages, among others. Every staff in the shop should receive first aid training to familiarise themselves on how to go about an emergency case in the machine shop.

Every machine shop should have clear instruction written in legible format and with symbols, and publicly displayed for everyone to see. The guidelines should indicate what to do and what not to do in the machine shop. It should indicate what to do in case of an emergency like a fire or any other accident. In case of a power outage, there should be a clear guideline on what to do to save the equipment and tools from breaking down.

Machine shops should be well lit for enough air circulation. There should be an emergency exit labeled and located where it can be easily accessed. It is also important to allocate space outside the machine shop as a fire assembly point for people to gather in such cases and account for everyone there and who is not there.

The way people inside the machine shop should dress must be communicated and obeyed. Any loose garment should not be worn inside the machine shop to avoid getting stuck in machines and equipment when moving around or incidences where the garment catches fire. When it comes to footwear, open shoes or sandals should not be worn in a machine shop. Anyone working in a machine workshop should be dressed in the right protective clothing. This includes protective overalls and safety boots for protection to the entire body. For the eyes, one should use the safety goggles to prevent from any foreign particles, and a protective helmet to be worn on the head to protect from falling objects. Protective gloves also protects the worker’s hands from cuts and getting in contact with chemicals can cause harm to the hands.

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