Some of the Little Known Facts about Venice

Visiting new places is one of the best ways to spend your free time and holidays. The best way to enjoy your trip is by having forehand information about the place. Most people find a soft spot in the city of Venice. There is a considerable number of Americans who have toured Venice in the recent years. It is worth noting that Venice is one of the most preferred destinations for a luxury getaway and romantic destinations for your honeymoon. Be warned, because some of the facts about Venice might surprise you. This article discusses some of the points that should prepare you for your trip to Venice.

There is a chain of small islands that make up Venice. If you have always known Venice as a city, you are part of thousands of people with the same idea. The way to connect through these small bridges is by a series of bridges. The ages of these 118 islands vary considering that there is significant growth. Venice was founded by digging millions of logs into the ground, hundreds of years ago. Apart from Croatia and Montenegro, these logs also came from Slovenia. The water-resistant properties of these logs have made them reliable for several years.

For a long time, Venice was its one city-state. It was once recognized as a giant in the European trading before 1797. You can find more useful information about the Republic of Venice by reading this blog. You will also be surprised about the streets of Venice, which are some of the narrowest in the world. For example, Calletta Varisco measures 53cm wide, so you must be ready to squeeze yourself down. With the narrow streets, you don’t have the freedom to use whichever means of transportation you wish. Apart from roles skaters and skateboards, the law does not allow you to use bicycles as well.

Acquiring a gondolier license is not a walk in the park. Their typical taxis are gondolas, narrow boats that move people from one island to the other. The training for becoming a licensed gondolier requires a series of rigorous training and exams, which has proved to be an uphill task. Their rules are so strict especially on decoration which made it a uniform black color for all the gondolas. Moreover, Venice is home to cats. These cats came from the Middle East hundreds of years ago, and they were welcomed with open arms due to a serious mice infestation then. From the above-discussed facts, you now have a lot of reasons to consider visiting Venice in your list of tourist destinations today.