Facts About Coral Reefs You Did Not Know Coral Reef

Amongst the most amazing and colorful ecosystem of the world is the coral reefs, even though they cover only 1% of the ocean floor they are a huge determiner on matters to do with the health of the world. Coral reefs are a healthy ecosystem and hugely the impact the whole world because of the part of the ocean. Described in this article is a guideline about coral reefs and what it’s all about.

The first factor considered is that coral reefs are not plants but animals who are closely related to jellyfish and anemones. It is important to note that photosynthesis also works in the coral reefs despite the fact that there animals in order for them to have food. Polyps generate 90% of the energy through symbiotic means from the relationship they have with the algae which is a must microscopic living thing inside the digestive system of the polyps making food through photosynthesis. The remainder 10% of the energy polyps get The Tentacles after Attacking Prey. As scientists continue to do researchers differently introducing meeting it was found that coral groups among many other foods given where attracted more micro plastics and they enjoyed.

Coral reefs at the most biodiversity marine locations in the entire planet-hosting millions of species. The biodiversity comes in with the fact that the coral reefs are a good harbor for reproducing, mating, finding food and shelter makes it a beautiful place for many species. The large fish species also take advantage of the biodiversity offered by the coral reefs to allow them to grow hence accommodated in a safe environment before joining the rest in the deeper ocean. Coral reefs are important in the development of new medicines, this according to research of various scientists who claim the medicines extracted are used to treat cancer, heart diseases, and arthritis and many others.

Tourism and fishing industry rely in a big way in the coral reefs because the ocean is protected it from being damaged by storms although human activity has threatened the existence of the existence that big with almost 60%. Coral reefs are unique in such a way that they have a hardcover this is due to the polyps and organism in inside the coral reef which is soft but has had the base. Intensive growth coral reefs appreciate a place where the current is strong beside to the wave patterns by this they make food attracting animals which take advantage of the supply.

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