10 Glamorous Party Makeup Looks Thatll Make You Stand Out

You need an unforgettable makeup look whether you are a guest or a party host. The event can turn out on social media. You need to look your best on those Instagram snaps. It is easy to remain stuck in the normal makeup look every time. Read on to learn glamorous party makeup looks to try out.

Matte red lip is ideal for a classic look. Consult a makeup sales rep to know if your skin has warm, neutral or cool undertones. This way you will know which shades of red will work best for your coloring.

The stormy stare is for a change from the basic black. Dark blue is ideal for brown eyes because it a contrasting tone by bringing out their natural warmth. Choose a soft navy kohl liner for under the eyes. Finish with dark blue shadow at the corner of your eyes.

For a classy party that has floral arrangements, choose the classic English Rose. Choose a primer that matches your face. After the primer is on, you need to keep the base dewy and light.

Extreme Cat Eye licks is a makeup that is great for everyday. Choose natural lip color and minimum eyeshadow for mesmerizing cat eyes.

Magical Metallics are ideal for bold party makeup. Select a base that will stop your forehead from shining. Then you can play around with various metallic eye makeup to select one that is ideal for a party look. Gold and silver are ideal for darker skins.

Cleopatra liner sets off your eyes. Choose bold brows and line your eye with a black kohl pencil. Finish with different coats of black mascara. Bronzed goddess focuses on your eyes and lips. As for the base, you need to edge towards a dewy finish instead of anything that is too shiny or matte. Keep your lips neutral by using a clear gloss.

Deep Burgundy Pout is a party makeup look that is show stopping. Keep your eyeliner, brow and lashes subtle and start with a warm base to avoid being washed out of the dark lip color.

Ultraviolet eyes are the color of the year. You can contrast the cool violet tones by using a warm base and slick of bronzer. Use bright ultraviolet shadow across your lids. Balance the look with nude lipstick.

Peachy glow provides one with a fresh look. Apply different shades of peach on your face, eyes and lips. If you dont want to overdo it, choose monochrome makeup. The base needs to be dewy and warm. Choose mascara that is black or dark brown and use a hint of peachy eyeshadow and slick of peach lip gloss.